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TUXINAT is a dietary supplement based on herbal extracts useful for calming the cough, supporting the physiological expectorant function, and counteracting the most common diseases of the respiratory tree. TUXINAT can be used to alleviate symptoms related to upper airways inflammation (pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis) characterized by non-productive cough. The balsamic properties of its components may be useful in case of irritations of the respiratory tree. Moreover, due to the presence of Ribes nigrum, TUXINAT can be properly used in case of asthmatic cough.

COMPONENTS: Altea officinalis f.e., Adhatoda vasica f.e., Carpinus betulus g.m., Castanea sativa g.m., Drosera rotundifolia f.e., Papaver rhoes f.e., Plantago lanceolata f.e., Pinus pumilio f.e., Polygala amara f.e., Propolis f.e., Ribes nigrum g.m., Rumex crispus f.e., Sambucus nigra f.e., Thymus vulgaris f.e.
DOSAGE FORM AND PACKAGING: 180 ml oral solution.