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EXTRAGEM® are concentrated meristem-derivatives, resulting from years-long experience in gemmotherapy. They are based on only young and fresh meristematic tissue with full growth power, picked according to their balsamic times in uncontaminated environments. The cold maceration is performed for a period ranging from three to six months using a solution consisting of 50% of ethyl alcohol 96,6% obtained from the fermentation and distillation of fruit, and 50% of vegetable glycerine extracted from coconut oil.

During the maceration, glycerine and alcohol slowly dehydrate the buds by extracting also the biological water, as well as the alcohol-soluble and glycerol-soluble active components. Therefore, water-soluble substances such as water-soluble flavonoids, some acids, tannins, water-soluble vitamins, mineral salts, and trace elements are added to the extracting solution. Moreover, during the maceration the solutions are processed with Aetere’s treatment (Biophysical harmonization, Ionization, Energetic re-harmonization, Toroidal effect and Biocompatibility).

EXTRAGEM® are ont diluited 1:10 (1D or 1DH) since they are ultra-concentrated. Therefore, the dosage is 10 times lower than that of the traditional glycerine macerates, resulting in a more practical administration, better compliance for the patient and a lower daily intake of glycerine and alcohol.

DOSAGE FORM AND PACKAGING: 20 ml oral drops.